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About Me

Ya'at'eeh, shi ei Dana Yazzie yinishye. Ta'neszahnii nishli, Todichinii bashishchiin, Kinyaa'nii dashicheii, Naashashi dashinali. Hello, my name is Dana. Im currently a Navajo student that has graduated from Cultivating Coders. I grew up in Carson, NM located about 22 miles south from Bloomfield, NM. When i was growing up I wanted to learn everything i could so i learned from my dad and my elders as best as i could; leading me to great storytelling and learning from this place we call world. I then graduated from Bloomfield High School in 2011. Ive attended UNM for a year hoping to major in Biology but i decided to change my major to Environmental Science. Ive been helping my church as well since then. I've been to many places; until now i have settled in Gallup, NM.
One day i received a call from my priest who mentioned a totally new thing to me which was computer coding. I took the deal and decided to go for it because at that time it seemed interesting and also i wanted to learn something new. Since Day 1 of this 8-week bootcamp course with the Cultivating Coders program in Farmington, NM it has been an awesome experience for me as well as the others. Im glad to be a part of the coding world. What im hoping to do within the future for myself is learn everything i can about web development and start either teaching others about it or working for a company that needs their website created or redone. Im looking forward to my success.

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